San Diego CORE
An Archive of Projects Past and Future

About CORE

CORE stands for Circle of Regional Effigies. CORE was an aspect of the Burning Man art festival.

Established in 2011, CORE was intended to encourage and support regionally representative participation in the major burn schedule at Burning Man. An art concept was chosen by participants to represent the region, and then a structure was built to communicate the concept. The efforts were all-volunteer and community-driven. Read about recent projects at the Facebook group run by the Burning Man Organization.

From the Burning Man organization,

Guided by the Ten Principles, CORE teams work together throughout the Spring and Summer to create art that celebrates their Regional identities and showcases the collaborative artistic efforts of their community members. The CORE Project is a celebration of Burning Man's Regional Network and of the work that groups throughout the world are doing to nurture and support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement.

The Reboot of CORE

Early January 2014, the Burning Man Organization announced a new set of guidelines for regional participation in the burn. This new direction for participation closed an era of Circle of Regional Effigies. This website documents the San Diego Region's CORE projects from 2011 through early 2014.

About the San Diego Region and Sol Diego

The San Diego Region of the Burning Man Community hosts an official burning man regional event called Youtopia. Traditionally held at the base of Palomar Mountain, burners gather to celebrate and share art, music, and culture at the La Jolla Indian Campground.

San Diego region is the home of Sol Diego. Sol Diego is an art collaborative, whose mission is to fortify the San Diego Regional Burning Man community through art making, by utilizing, sharing and developing the unique skills of its members while following the Ten Principles of Burning Man.

Sol Diego achieves its mission by:

  • Annually, creating a large-scale, interactive installation to represent the San Diego region at the Burning Man festival through CORE (Circle of Regional Effigies) project or as an independent art project.
  • Outreaching within the San Diego Regional Burning Man community, to recruit new members and enrich our culture, through events such as YouTopia and Figment.
  • Developing outreach to the greater San Diego community.